Product Description

Rapé, pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English sometimes called ‘ra-pay’ by westerners, is a shamanic medicine made from a blend of pulverized plants, typically a strong tobacco as the main ingredient. It has been used for thousands of years by healers of the Amazon region. The tobacco used in rapé is typically 20x stronger than tobacco used for cigarettes.

Rapé, unlike modern tobacco, is not used by smoking. Rapé is applied through a device called a Karpipe(for self-administration) or Tepi (a 2 person pipe), and is blown through the nostrils of the user. There are pipes made for self-administration or longer pipes used to administer from one person to another. The intense blow of the tobacco into the nostrils immediately focuses the mind, like blowing all the cobwebs out of the brain. Rapé is also said to help release spiritual, emotional and physical disease or blockage. Rapé also acts as a detoxifying anent by cleaning out all excess mucus, bacteria and toxins. It is traditionally used for many purposes such as re-aligning energy meridians, intensifying connection to self and to the universe and to release negativity and sickness.

SIZE : 20 ml – 8 grams